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Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

Almost all of us drink tea or coffee, but does anybody know why does different types of tea and coffee refresh you? It’s due to an ingredient known as caffeine. It temporarily removes drowsiness and acts as stimulant. Caffeine in teas and coffees differs. When you compare tea vs coffee, it is seen that a cup of coffee contains almost 40 mg of caffeine whereas tea contains less caffeine of about 11 mg. Though caffeine removes drowsiness it is responsible for various side effects like sleep disorders, anxiety and many more. Knowing more about caffeine in tea and coffee will help you choose a better drink that refreshes you. Check out tea vs coffee caffeine and its effects. Along with this, know which may be High Caffeine Coffee in the market.

Types of Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are a common drinks widely used all over world. There are several types of tea and coffee. These beverages vary with respect to region where they are grown, the way they are cultivated, the period of year, the method of preparation and of course the way they are served! All Types of Coffee and tea have their own characteristics. We provide you with all details on your favorite beverage like caffeine content, energy, fat content, taste, etc. Check different types of tea and coffee like Chinese Tea, Italian Coffees, Hot Tea and many more here.