Gunpowder Tea
Gunpowder Tea

Yellow Tea
Yellow Tea

Gunpowder Tea
Yellow Tea

Benefits of Gunpowder Tea vs Yellow Tea

1 Benefits
1.1 Health Benefits
1.1.1 Physical Benefits
Beneficial for cough & cold, Helps heart protection, Increases immunity, Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, Makes better immune system
Aids bowel movements, Beneficial for kidneys, lungs and heart, Effective for upset stomach, Improves digestion, Lowers cholesterol
1.1.2 Mental Health Benefits
Refreshes mind
Mental alertness
1.2 Disease Prevention
Beneficial for cough & cold, Helpful for type 2 diabetes, It has anti cancer properties
Cures diabetes mellitus, It has anti cancer properties, Prevents & treats Esophageal cancer, Prevents breast cancer, Prevents Prostrate Cancer, Treats artherosclerosis
1.3 Overall Health Benefits
Not Available
Helps to burn fat, Useful for weight control
1.3.1 Hair Care
Not Available
Not Available
1.3.2 Skin Care
Slows down the aging process
Not Available
1.4 Side Effects
1.4.1 Low Risk Side Effects
Insomnia, Nausea, Nervousness, Restlessness, Skin reactions, Stomach upsets
1.4.2 High Risk Side Effects
Palpitations, Tremors
Anxiety disorder, Diarrhea, High blood pressure, Liver disease, Worsens glaucoma

Gunpowder Tea vs Yellow Tea Benefits

Did you know there are lot of differences between Gunpowder Tea vs Yellow Tea benefits? Difference in Gunpowder Tea Benefits and Yellow Tea Benefits include both physical and psychological benefits. Get to all the benefits and other feature and choose the healthier one!